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Instream Partnership

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Personal Assistants' database


• Instream Partnership DO NOT employ staff.


Please read the terms and conditions before registering on our database.

Click here if you would like to register as a Personal Assistant.


PAmatch Database is an online database of people who would like to work as Personal Assistants.

The information contained within this site is simply an aid to assist in the recruitment of Personal Assistants.

Once initial contact is made, it is the responsibility of those concerned to carry out the usual checks (e.g. DBS, qualifications etc…) as would be usual for individual recruitment procedure.

Personal Assistants.

The personal information requested at registration stage is purely voluntary.

Potential PA’s may add as much or as little information as they wish. This information is accessible only by Instream who use the database to match their client’s criteria when looking for short or long–term staff.

• Obtain references, and if required DBS Checks.

• Customised PA Staff handbook/contracts of employment.

• Act as mediators if problems arise between PA and Client.

• Help maintain good relations/communications with both PA and client.

• Supervision of PA’s if required.

• PA Awareness sessions.

• Being a Good Employer sessions.

Please note:

• We do not recommend any person as a Personal Assistants.
• If your PA does not turn up for work it is your responsibility to arrange cover. We can be contacted to assist but we make no guarantee in finding a PA to cover.

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