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Instream Partnership

Registered office:
1 Belfield Lane
Rochdale OL16 3AY

T: 01706 642 196
M: 07950 107 307


Company number: 4713078

Management of funding in respect of Personal Health Budgets, Individualised Budget, Direct Payments


  • Ensure costings attached to support plan are correct and include all relevant costs, e.g.Employers National Insurance, Employers Liability Insurance, PAs Holiday Pay and SSP etc.
  • Open bank accounts on Clients behalf. Some clients may need assistance to open an account if they wish to manage the account themselves.
  • Assist with Employer Liability Insurance forms either as a representative or broker.
  • Pay local authority invoices for charge if we hold the account.
  • On receipt of Agency invoice, ensure correctness where possible and make payment.
  • Monthly checks on bank balances.
  • Pay any expenses in line with the agreed plan.
  • Provide information for NHS Providers, Local Authorities reviews.

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