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Instream Partnership

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Terms & Conditions is Instream Partnership's online database of people who would like to work as Personal Assistants.

Currently the people contained within the database are not screened in any way, and further dealings with the Personal Assistants contained within are the sole responsibility of the Personal Assistant Employers using the site.

The information contained within this site is simply an aid to assist in the recruitment of Personal Assistants. Once initial contact is made, it is the responsibility of those concerned to carry out the usual checks (e.g. CRB, qualifications etc…) as would be usual for individual recruitment procedure. Instream Partnership can help with this.

The database is spilt between difference local authorities. Personal Assistants have the choice of which area in the UK they are happy to work. By selecting one or more local authority your details will be checked, before it is made available on line. If you choose more than one authority your details will be shown on each database and will be available for people to look at in that local authority.

It is envisaged that some local authorities may insist on Personal Assistants being "screened" (e.g CRB checked) and therefore your details maynot be shown until such checks are made.  

Personal Assistant Employers

The personal information requested at registration is purely voluntary; it will be viewed by Instream Partnership. Once verified Instream Partnership will contact you with authorization details.

Personal Assistants

The personal information requested at registration is purely voluntary; you may add as much or as little information as you wish. Please select which area you are happy to work in by choosing one or more local authority. This information is accessible by Personal Assistant Employers, who may be looking for short or long–term staff.

Instream Partnership

Please contact Instream Partnership for any more information regarding the site.

Instream Partnership will act as an advocate where possible for individuals requiring assistance accessing the site.


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