Big Gary's House

Presentation Length: approx. 1 Hour and 15 minutes


The ‘Big Gary’s House sketch tells the story of a person’s journey through disability and the services experienced along the way.

The story incorporates how Gary accessed funding from Personal Health Budgets, Individualised Budget, Direct Payments, ILF and Access to Work.

The sketch has been written as a comical educational training tool based on the real life experiences of a person with a disability.

The story is a visual, live representation of how services have developed and have become what they are today.


A light hearted sketch which people can relate to, which is informative and provides realistic solutions to barriers faced by people of all ages and across all service areas wishing to access funded support and have a choice of who they employ.

The sketch aims to alleviate people’s fears of becoming an employer and managing their budgets, regardless of disability.

The sketch aims to increase awareness of systems which are now in place to promote independence, choice and control.


To provide information, knowledge and inspiration on independent living and the support mechanisms.

We will provide knowledge of support systems, which all people can access to manage their own funding. Many people feel that the management and running of their own care package is too difficult to take on.

Often people feel the management of their own funding is too much hassle and would cancel out the benefits offered by these schemes. The sketch will offer a clear overview of funded support and will give suggested solutions in overcoming these issues.

Evidence and Evaluation

We have found from feedback reports, the sketch is incredibly empowering and enables individuals to have the confidence to overcome some of the barriers they face when accessing their own funding.

Some of the Organisations we have presented to and have made a clear impact are:

Department of Health

Family Leadership

Social Services

Partnership Boards across the Country

Kindred Spirit Courses across the North West

Partners in Policymaking courses across the country

Valuing People Support Team Task Group

Self Advocates

Carers Groups

Supported Living Organisation

Inclusion Conference

Direct Payments National Academy

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